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   eBay Auction Consignment Service

We are a full-service online eBay Trading Assistant. Your Longaberger basket inventory is shipped directly to our warehouse where we catalog, digitally photograph all items, list and sell them on eBay Auctions. We collect payment from the buyers and then carefully package and ship all consignment items directly to end buyers. We provide you with an itemized listing of all items sold with the sale price and fees. We sell all consignment products 'as is' and do not offer a return policy on consignment auctions. We prefer to start all basket auctions at $9.95 in order to facilitate a 'real' auction environment. Auctions started out at a higher price with reserves will be subject to a non-refundable fee of 8% of the ending auction price regardless of whether or not the item sells.

Basket City, USA charges a flat commission rate based upon the final selling price of each lot. This rate is 27% for all individual auction listings selling $.01-$399.00. The rate changes to 22% for all individual auction listings selling in excess of $400.00.

eBay charges a listing insertion fee for each individual auction listing depending upon the initial starting price of your item  Please refer to the link above entitled Current eBay Fee Listing to access a copy of the most up-to-date fee schedule for eBay auctions.  For example, items listed at an opening bid of $9.95 (with no reserves or buy-it-now features) are charged .70 to list that item (item fee and gallery photo listing fee). eBay also charges a tiered commission rate based upon the final selling price of each lot. Auction-Style Listings: 8.75% of the first $25.00 3.5% of the next $975.00 1.5% over $1,000 plus an insertion fee based upon the initial listed price of each lot. Store-Inventory Format Listings: 12% of the first $25.00 plus 8% of the next $25.01-$100 plus 4% of the next $100.01 - $999 plus 2% of the remaining closing value balance plus an insertion fee based upon the initial listed price of each lot. Plus, consignors pay a 3.5-4.5% Merchant fee for buyers who elect to pay by PayPal or credit card.

Basket City, USA will collect a percentage of the final auction ending value as commission on all auction sales. In addition, consignees will be responsible for all eBay and Paypal listing and selling fees associated with items listed and sold. In exchange, Basket City, USA will accurately describe, list in the correct category, digitally photograph, collect all auction fees from buyers and will ship all items sold directly to the buyers on behalf of the consignee.


Sell your baskets 'your' way! One of two selling options effective: 1/1/2008:

For those consigners who want auction proceeds as quickly as possible, the Absolute Auction format may be your choice! In this format, baskets are listed at a low initial opening bid for a period of 7 to 10 days. This format encourages bidders to solicit initial bids and gathers interest in each item. At the end of the auction period, the item is sold at the highest price tendered by the bidders. There is no 'reserve' pricing in effect in this option. That means that bidders 'set' the market price and your items sell for what the bids bring on a given day. This format allows for items to be sold as quickly as possible. Pricing is not guaranteed in this option and items sell for whatever they bring on auction ending day. For popular 'in-demand' items, this can result in higher bids ~ however the downswing is that for less popular items, there is a chance that your items may not bring a high bid.

Consigners who desire a less risky selling option should elect for the Store Inventory format. Items are posted in our online eBay Store at a Buy It Now / or Best Offer pricing format. With this option, items are listed on a 30-day - automatic renewing schedule. Basket City, USA determines the best pricing for each item (based upon our market expertise and the item condition). This pricing format is set to encourage buyer interest and best-offer activity. The item will not sell unless a buyer bids the Buy It Now option or a mutually agreed upon price is established. This is a format that results in firm - steady pricing for in-demand items. This process is not for consigners who want  fast cash. Instead, it can take months for an item to sell. However, there will be control in what the item sells for. With this option, consigners receive a monthly payout check on items sold the prior month. Basket City, USA reserves the right of refusal in listing certain items within this category. What that means is that some baskets/accessories will not bring high prices and no longer generate much interest regardless of which format they are posted in. In those cases, those items are best listed in the Absolute Auction format. In any event, auction format will be discussed with each consigner prior to online posting.



If you are interested in consigning inventory for upcoming eBay auctions, please a copy of the Consignment Reference Guide (pdf format) to assist you in preparing your collection for auction. Our next 'accept' date for new auction consignments is a tentative April 1, 2011. Please email us your inventory listings for a place on the Spring 2011 calendar. We will be using an Absolute Auction format for most of the inventory accepted for new consignments.


A quick recap of how it works? Who pays what auction related fees?


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Consignment Fees

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